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Silver Expeditions
  • It is important to state firstly that participants do not have to complete their expedition with school. They can undertake an open expedition with an outside activity approved provider details can be found on the dofe website 

  • Participants will have the option to either undertake a walking or canoeing expedition at Silver.

Mandatory Training

There is a minimum level of training in each award that participants must undertake, however you must have your supervisor's approval before you are able to undertake the qualifying expedition - this may mean undertaking more training than the minimum requirement.

Before undertaking your assessment you must attend and pass the silver training weekend and the planning day. The planning time slot will be dependent on the date you choose for your assessment.

IF you are a direct entrant then you must also complete the direct entrant core skills weekend (non residential).

FULL ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY - You will be not be released for sports events or any other activities either involving or outside of school during any of the training or expedition. 

Numbers are restricted to 24 students per event for canoeing and 28 students per event for walking. So please book your training weekends and expedition early to avoid disappointment!


Expedition Dates


All students must complete 1 each of the following:


Core Skills: If you wish to canoe at Silver, you must complete a core skills training weekend. If you did not complete the Bronze Expedition and wish to undertake a walking expedition at Silver you will also need to attend a walking core skills. .


Canoeing                          Location                  Cost

23-24 Sep 23                   Cotswolds                £80

30 Sep- 1 Oct 23             Cotswolds                £80

Walking                        Location                 Cost

07-08 Oct 23               Cotswolds               £80


Practice Expedition:


Mode of Travel              Location            Dates                           Cost

Canoeing                        Brecon              30 Oct-01 Nov 23       £240

Canoeing                        Brecon              02-04 Nov 23              £240

Walking                           Brecon              10-12 Nov 23              £200

Walking                           Brecon              17-19 Nov 23              £200



Planning Session (3.5 hours) & Assessment Expedition: You will need to attend the planning session that relates to the assessment you have booked.


Mode of Travel            Location                 Dates                           Cost           Planning            Location          Cost

Canoeing                      River Severn          28-30 May 24             £280           02 Mar AM        OED                 £25

Canoeing                      River Severn          31 May–02 Jun 24     £280           03 Mar AM         OED                 £25

Walking                         Exmoor                  02–04 Apr 24             £240           02 Mar PM         OED                 £25

Walking                         Exmoor                  05–07 Apr 24             £240           03 Mar PM         OED                 £25

Total Costs

Canoeing Expedition: £625

Walking Expedition: £465 & £80 if a core skills training weekend is required

Prices Include:

Walking: the expeditions being staffed by qualified mountain leaders and backup safety personnel, provision of tents and camping equipment, campsite fees and transport from and return to Pate's.

Canoeing: the expeditions being staffed by qualified canoe instructors and backup safety personnel, provision and transport of canoes, river licence and launch fees, provision of tents and camping equipment, campsite fees and transport from and return to Pate's.

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