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eDofE is our digital system where participants record their DofE programme and activities online, and get each section approved by your DofE Leader. Once you enrol, your DofE Leader will set up an account for you in eDofE and you’ll then be sent an email with your signing in details. Then you’re ready to activate your account and start choosing your activities and setting objectives.

On eDofE you can easily select what you want to do for each section, and get your DofE Leader to approve your choices and Assessor. You can check your progress throughout your programme and submit evidence in a variety of formats. You can message your DofE Leader and other participants in your group from within eDofE.


You can also download your DofE Voucher from eDofE, giving you savings of at least 10% at our recommended retailers.


There is so much more you can do, but please use our short guide to help you complete the minimum required steps when activating your account.

DofE App


If you’re doing your DofE — or want to make it easier to plan, manage and finish your award — our official smartphone app is for you.

We want to make it easier for you to plan and complete your DofE on the device you use most – your phone.

If you’re a young person doing your DofE, the app lets you start, manage and finish your programme by bringing eDofE to your mobile. Using the app, you can:

– plan your programme and get approval from your Leader
– record evidence
– message your Leader
– submit your programme for completion
– sync important dates to your phone calendar
– and add your personalised DofE Card to your digital wallet, so you can easily use your exclusive discount

Simply click below to download, or go to the App Store or Google Play on your phone, search ‘DofE’, download for free, use your eDofE details to log in — and you’re ready to go

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