To our new Year 9 DofE Participants,

Its really important that you start to organise your Expedition Groups as soon as possible. Your group must be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7, ideally you should aim for a group of 6 or 7 in case anyone falls ill or gets injured.

Once you have registered for the award please email Natalie Berry with your group list of names so that she can allocate you with a team number.

Your training requirements for your Bronze expedition are as follows:

In your groups you MUST complete one Core Skills, one Practice (day walk) and one Assessment (2 days/1 night).

Bronze Practice Days (Maximum of 6 groups per day)

13 March 2022

26 March 2022

27 March 2022

Bronze Assessment Weekend (Maximum of 8 groups per weekend)

14-15 May 2022

21-22 May 2022

There is a link to the online booking forms for the Core Skills Weekend below

However, all the practice and assessment bookings must be made by one member of the group direct to Natalie Berry and she will distribute places on a first come first served basis.

Take care when choosing your group and booking the dates for your expeditions as you must ensure that you will be available for the entire length of the trip. Requests for permission to join late or leave early will not be approved except in extremely rare and unforeseen circumstances (e.g.a funeral but not a family wedding or birthday celebration).
Please note: You will not proceed onto your assessment unless you are deemed safe to do so by the OED Staff.
Once your group has registered a payment request will be put on school gateway. This must be paid no later than two weeks before the event.