The Training Requirements for the Bronze Expedition are:
1 Core Skills Weekend (not necessary to be with your group)
1 Day Walk  (not necessary to be with your group)
1 Route Planning Day (must be with your group)
1 Assessment Weekend (must be with your group)
Three separate payment requests will be put on school gateway over the course of the year: Joining Fee, Phase 1 (which covers Core Skills and Day Walk) and Phase 2 (which covers the route planning day and assessed expedition). 
The dates for the training required are to be chosen from:
Core Skills Weekend 30 November & 1 December 2019 or 1&2 February 2020 (18&19 January 2020 now fully booked)
Day Walk  21 or 22 or 28 or 29 March 2020
Route Planning Day 29 February, 1 or 7 or 8 March 2020
Assessment Weekend 25&26 April or 9&10 May or 23&24 May 2020
Please be aware that due to an exceptionally high number of registrations for the Assessment Weekend on 25&26 April already received only the groups which had signed up for this weekend by 9 October will be able to pick that date.
These are Groups 4,6,9,11,13,14,15,20,22​
Online signup for Phase 2 should only be done once you know your group 
We will be running a drop in session at lunchtime every Monday beginning on 23 September until 11 December in E106 to provide training on using eDofE and any other questions you may have.
Subject to demand we may continue the sessions from January 2020 
When choosing your group members we recommend that you ensure that you are all available for the same dates for the route planning day and assessment weekend before committing. Check with your family in advance for dates you cannot attend as well as  events through school which may affect your attendance (eg language exchanges, sports teams). Groups should have between 6 and 7 participants
Important: Please be aware that all sessions must be attended in full, so make sure that you advise your sports teams, music groups or any other groups who may be relying on you that you will not be available on the dates you sign up for DofE activities