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Volunteering Section

Volunteering is all about making a difference to other people’s lives. Perhaps you’re interested in animals or conservation? Or you might like to work with older people or raise money for a cause that means a lot to you? From teaching children cyber safety to starting a local recycling campaign, the Volunteering section of your DofE enables you to give your time to help others and change things for the better.


You’ll really put your heart into volunteering through your DofE. Like many others you will find this section the most rewarding and continue to volunteer long after achieving a DofE Award. Don't forget to complete an activity log so that you keep track when exactly you do your volunteering hours, especially if you are volunteering for a long time and the person you report to may change.

FAMILY SPACE - Gold Participants

  • The application form gives you the opportunity to state how much time you are willing to give. Use this also to state when you are able to give it. E.g. Every Tuesday, 2-3pm, term time only.

  • On applying, Family Space may want to meet with you face to face in order to assess how they can best match you to their volunteering opportunities.

  • If you become a ‘befriender’ you will be assigned to work alongside a member of the community. This support is likely to be delivered in pairs and you will have an opportunity to say who you would like to work with. Again, if you already know this, put it on your form.

  • Family Space are responsible for all safe-guarding and will need you to have a current DBS certificate. They will arrange this for you.

Outside school opportunity for Silver award level

Are you a member of the CCF?

If you are in Year 12/13 then you are able to use your CCF service for your Volunteering Section.

Please speak to the SSI for further information.

Outside school 

Do you help coach for your local sports team?

Do you help out at Life Saving lessons?

Are you a young leader in Scouts or Guides?

Do you work at a charity shop?

Any of these that are unpaid can be used for your volunteering section.

Lunchtime /after school clubs or coaching

Any clubs or assisting with further learning that are not during scheduled lessons in school can be used for your volunteering section. 

Please email Jane Jowett

for enquiries into helping OED

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