How do I get started?


So you're interested in starting your own programme and achieving an Award?  

Congratulations, you're about to start an adventure you’ll never forget!

To sign up please select the level of award to register for and complete the form. The form will be submitted to OED for processing and a payment request will appear on School Gateway in due course.

Bronze applicants will be be shown how to activate their eDofE account and once they have done so their welcome packs will be sent to the address completed.

Once payment has been made for silver or gold level we will add the relevant level to your eDofE account and you should receive your welcome pack in the post soon after. Make sure your current address is showing in your eDofE record!

Please note that signup for Bronze,  Silver and Gold will close on 1 November 2020 except for Year 11s who turn 16  before 31 August 2021 who may register for Gold later 

Bronze & Silver 
Applications are currently closed

Bronze Applications CLOSED
Silver Applications CLOSED


You can register for Gold as soon as you turn 16

What happens next?

  • We will aim to hold weekly drop-in sessions on a Monday lunchtime in OED2 particularly for new Bronze level participants to get them familiar with eDofE and the app.

  • eDofE is where you submit your ideas for each section and log your progress through your DofE programme, and is what your Leader checks and approves when you've completed your activity in each section.

  • Refer to the relevant tabs at the top of the page or your Welcome Pack which contain lots of helpful info and ideas of what to do on the various sections.

  • Now, you can start choosing what activities you want to do - although you don't have to wait until you get your Welcome Pack before you start planning your programme.

  • You will receive a DofE Reward Card to make buying equipment a bit cheaper.

  • When you achieve your Award you'll receive a badge and certificate.  You can also use your evidence in eDofE to create an Achievement Pack.


Remember - submit your ideas through eDofE or tell your Leader about your plans so you don't waste time on activities which won't count or don't fit into the right section.  Once everything is agreed and in place you’re ready to start your adventure.  Good luck and have fun!



Bronze Award         £65


Silver Award            £70


Gold Award             £75

All joining fees are



Click here for some fantastic new content (including movies) from the website about your DofE journey which is aimed at participants and parents at each of the three levels of the award.